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The Benefits of a Hardwood Kitchen Floor

In the most versatile room in the house, it is important to have quality flooring. Kitchens are used for cooking and eating but also for work, homework, conversation, reading, and listening to the radio or music for some. With all this in mind, the floor should be able to support not only your weight but your comfort throughout all your hobbies as well. Here are reasons to contract vinyl plank installations and convert your kitchen to hardwood flooring.


Hardwood floors made of true, pressure-treated wood are at times able to withstand the blade of a falling knife and come out unscathed. Linoleum floors are less damage resistant; they often tear or develop holes. Tile as well can shatter under enough weight. Wood and vinyl plank installers make up 45,000 national employees, according to the National Wood Flooring Association, and they can make your kitchen not only damage resistant, but stain resistant as well. When a spill occurs on engineered hardwood flooring, it wipes right up!

Hardwood Floors in Kitchen

Kitchens are often the room in our homes that we wish to be the most aesthetically pleasing. They are often rooms where guests frequent or sit to dine in. Brown and grey planks match a wider variety of color schemes than white linoleum would. Like wood furniture, wood flooring seems to be timeless. There are even types of vinyl flooring that will fade less after long exposure to the sun.


The easiest thing you may be able to do is to leave your home exactly the way it is. But where is the fun in that? Planning future home renovation projects and developing a budget can be great practice for relationships and the whole family. Upon completion, after spending hours picking out colors and patterns and perhaps purchasing all the materials to DIY your hardwood floors yourself, you just may be left with a sense of self-satisfaction after completing the task.

If you're looking to spice up your home kitchen and introduce a change that may spark future home remodeling projects, start with luxury vinyl plank installation.

Contact us today for an estimate and measurements of your home's kitchen area.


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